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Very often cars designed for a test drive appear on sale at attractive prices, but is such a purchase profitable?

Definitely - yes!

The future owner will receive significant savings in price, maximum configuration at the lowest price, a valid guarantee from the manufacturer, reliability and quality, checked by distance.


What cars are used for a test drive?

Any of the official dealers of Vidi AutoCity has a fleet of cars for a test drive - one or two cars for each model. Such cars, as a rule, have the richest configuration, because the client must see, touch and try all the available options.

If you approach wisely buying a car after a test drive, then its acquisition is very profitable. Firstly, rich equipment, and secondly, low mileage and, most importantly, a good discount of up to 30% of the cost. In addition, models for a test drive are updated approximately every six months, so the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the advantages of buying a car after a test drive?

A car after a test drive is cheaper than similar offers on the market. It can be equipped with an alarm, crankcase, floor mats and a second set of rubber.

All serious malfunctions, if any, were usually resolved. Even if the car was in an accident, the repair was carried out efficiently.

If you consider that on average a car travels about 20 thousand kilometers a year, then the mileage of the car after a test drive is several times less.

Plus a guarantee of legal cleanliness: the car will definitely not be credit.

Speaking of warranty! It must be remembered that it is different in duration for the components and assemblies of the car.

Before buying, it is better to clarify how long the warranty will be on the machine. If they give the full - great, if not, then you need to find out which elements have already expired.

How to buy a car after a test drive, so you won’t regret it later?

Buy a car after a test drive should be the same as any other used car. It would be reasonable to check the paintwork with a special device with a thickness gauge, to make sure that the car was not painted, it is important to make an engine, transmission and suspension diagnostics.

Also, for every car that arrives at the salon, the dealer sets up his electronic account, which necessarily indicates all the work performed on the car, for example, scheduled maintenance or repairs. Ask to show her. Each car trip is also noted in a special magazine.

Ask to show it - from the records you can find out when and how much the car drove.


The test drive takes place along a specific route, in the car with the client there is always a car dealership manager.

Cars are insured against an accident. The test drive schedule is described by each dealer and does not provide for any deviations.

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