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Drink coffee, eat pepper and don’t give thanks!

1. Сайт рекомендует: Add cardio

For an erection to please constancy, a healthy cardiovascular system is needed.

We will not talk in detail about how closely the quality of blood circulation and the level of testosterone are, as well as the health of the testicles and brain (which, by the way, is also an important element of good sex).

Just note: cardio loads are a great way to increase potency. Aerobic workouts even treat Effects of Aerobic Exercise in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction: A Meta Analysis Study on Randomized Controlled Trials erectile dysfunction, let alone prevention.

The rule is simple: everything that is good for the heart is good for potency.

Therefore, set aside at least 30–40 minutes a day for cardio exercises. Run around, swim in the pool, play tennis (at least table tennis) or walk a couple of stops on foot. The heart and below the belt will thank you.

2. Сайт рекомендует: Try to reduce stress.

Stress is one of the main enemies of an erection. It leads 9 Ways For Men to Improve Sexual Performance to heart rhythm disturbances, raises blood pressure, worsens mood. This psychophysiological cocktail causes serious damage to sexual desire and reduces your performance. A worn-out man is unlikely to demonstrate high spirits in bed.

Output: look for ways to reduce the impact of negative psychological stress. Yoga, intensive communication with a punching bag, psychotherapy, talking with your beloved heart-to-heart - there are enough options to reduce stress.

3. Сайт рекомендует: Get rid of bad habits

Just do not calm down with cigarettes and alcohol. Otherwise, you risk earning spasms of blood vessels and say goodbye to a normal erection.

However, if smoking should be tied up unambiguously, then in terms of strong drinks there are some nuances. Moderate (moderate!) Drinking does not cause Protect Your Erection: 11 Tips harm potency. And in some cases, even improves it.

For example, a glass of red wine 3-4 times a week is a great way to maintain the health of the male reproductive system Dietary flavonoid intake and incidence of erectile dysfunction. All thanks to flavonoids - antioxidants that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and have a beneficial effect on the condition of the heart.

4. Сайт рекомендует: Eat garlic, peppers and bananas

Some fruits and vegetables have a magical potency property. Like cardio exercises, they improve blood flow. The American medical resource HealthLine recommends 9 Ways For Men to Improve Sexual Performance more often there are:

  • Onions and garlic (well, if you close your eyes to their specific stock). They stimulate blood circulation.
  • Bananas Their plus is an increased content of potassium, which normalizes blood pressure and increases libido.
  • Hot peppers, including chili. They also improve blood circulation and help cope with hypertension.

5. Сайт рекомендует: And foods high in omega-3s and B vitamins

Omega-3 fatty acids also help improve blood flow. Look for them in salmon, tuna, avocado, olive oil.

Vitamin B1 improves the passage of nerve signals from the brain to various parts of the body, including the penis. Especially a lot of "erectile" vitamins in pork, peanuts and beans.

Well, the whole spectrum of B vitamins is worth looking for in chicken eggs - both raw and boiled. The B-kit effectively balances hormone levels, reduces the negative effects of stress, and ultimately makes an erection more stable.

6. Сайт рекомендует: Drink coffee

Researchers at the University of Texas Health Center at Houston discovered the Role of Caffeine Intake on Erectile Dysfunction in US Men: Results from NHANES 2001-2004 curious: men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day complain of erectile dysfunction less often than those who avoids caffeine.

In-depth studies have shown that caffeine acts on sexual function like Viagra: it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. And these are two important keys to a powerful erection.

7. Сайт рекомендует: Turn on the light

At dusk and in dim light, the body starts the production of melatonin. This hormone helps us calm down and fall asleep, but at the same time it also “lulls” male libido.

Less melatonin - higher sexual desire and better erection. Therefore, do not forget to regularly show the sun and try to have sex in the light.

8. Сайт рекомендует: Lose weight

Everything that is bad for the heart is bad for an erection. And extra pounds additionally load the cardiovascular system, and this affects the sexual function.

9. Сайт рекомендует: Do Kegel exercises

Many have heard about these exercises, but most often they are recommended only to women. And in vain.

At least for some men, regular Kegel exercises help Kegel Exercises for Men: Do They Work? :

  • improve erection;
  • increase the intensity of orgasms;
  • prevent premature ejaculation.

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